Our Approach to Auditing

A key factor in our approach to auditing is the significant involvement of highly trained professionals, without overloading the audit cost. Our clients feel that they benefit by working with more experienced personnel and it provides the means to identify and eliminate unnecessary work during the audit process.

Our audit approach is tailored to the specific systems, needs and requirements of each client. The process is flexible and dynamic. It emphasizes thorough and detailed planning well in advance of the commencement of the actual audit work.

A detailed audit plan is developed for the clients with their participation. This ensures the efficient and timely completion of the audit with minimum disruption in their daily work routine.

In particular, we will meet with our clients before the audit commences to accomplish the following:

  • Discuss any changes in the entity’s operations to update our understanding of the organization
  • Include them in our planning process by developing a list of audit schedules, confirmations and discussing with them our level of testing with respect to transactions executed by the property management company or company personnel; and
  • Establish with them a timetable for the timely delivery of financial statements and tax returns

Our audit procedure is designed to provide maximum assurance that the client’s accounting systems and internal controls are functioning effectively and efficiently and that reliable financial data are being provided in a timely manner.

QUALITY - We set high standards for our performance, taking inspiration from words that "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution." *

CREATIVITY - By building and maintaining talent driven work environment that encourages creativity, we are able to satisfy our clients' needs with unique and innovative solutions.

SUCCESS - Our service is based on a personal commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals. We strongly believe that the prosperity of our customers is our own success.

*William A. Foster

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